Clip, random footie

ben' 23:01 04/Oct/05

A clip of stuff i didnt film well enough and i didnt edit the clip well caus im a lazy **** sucks and im only posting it caus mitchpoo told me to make a new clip.

[man down]
[man down] 00:10 05/Oct/05

yea....the filming was pretty dodge with guys heads getting chopped off everywhere

James... 00:29 05/Oct/05

good skating.. i want in on that compressor your using

heshteck 10:16 05/Oct/05

what was the last trick supposed to be

ben' 15:20 05/Oct/05

last trick is flip bs 50-50...compressor is sorenson squeeze...also the first trick is switch

seargent nips 22:01 05/Oct/05

sw? he needs props

ben` 23:46 05/Oct/05

haha maybe...nah someone asked before if it was sw or not...

flycat 02:44 06/Oct/05

seargent nips

22:01 05/Oct

sw? he needs props


aaron.. 18:24 07/Oct/05

that guy has heaps of pop

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