B.Woodys CBR Clips

B.Woody 13:38 19/Mar/12

I've been having some fun filming some of the usual uspects from Canberra.
Threw together some clips recently and figured I'd make a thread to share them. Most of them are filmed in a day or two...

Went to Bondi for Bowlorama and couldn't even get close. Instead Matt Cheeny gave a 10 stair demo to all the backpackers in our hostel.
Then we had an interesting conversation with a Canadian girl.
Matt Cheenys tricks start at 2:30 if you want to skip the antics.

B.Woody 13:39 19/Mar/12

This one was filmed just before my lens and handle arrived so it's all long shots. Myself and Tom o'Reilly skating Tuggeranong and Woden skateparks.

B.Woody 13:40 19/Mar/12

Friday night Belco sessions. Pretty much wanted an excuse to play with my new lens.

B.Woody 13:57 19/Mar/12

Skaters; Matt Cheeny, Todd Baker, Luke Brown, Tom O'Reilly, Monkz, Jason Heather and others.... more to come later.

imgne_ 15:38 19/Mar/12

Loved the clips, an fuck yeah for Chen dawg!

B.Woody 10:53 20/Mar/12

Threw together another clip last night. Some raw old concrete spots, seedy Fyshwick rails, cow heckling and a bit of Belco and Woden parks. Sketchy as always...

Featuring Cameron Stanley, Matt Cheeny, Woody, Jason Heather, Chicco, Luke Brown, Head, Cons and his beard.

drew 10:57 20/Mar/12

rad shit

boner. 19:38 20/Mar/12

yeah good stuff! the belco friday night one was sick

monkz 20:58 20/Mar/12

Those were rad Woody.

Is there any way for you to film me with some sort of skinny lense in future? I know the camera adds 10lbs but for fucks sake that's ridiculous.

Must be your lens, not all the beer and McDonalds.

YarruM 16:00 21/Mar/12

Yeah Woody! Post more

flycat 18:56 21/Mar/12

cool skating fun vibe loved em all!!

need more shots of canadian with the rack just cut some in to any other clips u have on the go

B.Woody 22:51 22/Mar/12

Cheers fellas. Stoked that a clip made front page!

Don't stress Monkz. We'll use the fisheye backwards next time.

I'll try to put another one together soon-ish. Doing a roadtrip in the van with the crew soon so I'll see what I can muster up.

Flatbardog 13:39 23/Mar/12

cow footage was fucking amazing!

B.Woody 00:00 27/Mar/12

Filmed this over the weekend. Todd Baker and Floyd Scott shredding Belco skatepark on a friday night. Luke Brown all over it the next day. Then the crew breaks in a newly built DIY spot on Sunday afternoon. All while "Head" went on a bender and spent the whole weekend drunken heckling. Fun times!

Featuring: Todd Baker, Floyd Scott, Luke Brown, Matt Cheeny, "Head" the heckler , Cons, Woody and Monkz

flycat 13:54 28/Mar/12

DIY spot looks so sick polejam was hammers

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