Practically Basic

Potty2617 10:23 22/Jul/21

A long time ago, an ancient prophecy foretold of a skate video so wicked awesome it was only to be viewed at the time of its release (and on a limited run of DVD's which was a dying technology at the time). ALAS! It's creator, a simpleton plumber cursed by a technological demon strived to upload the Video to Youtube where he was faced by great adversaries such as music rights, encrypted hard drives and a 2013 Macbook Pro with no charger. Wallowing in his defeat, the simpleton had abandoned all hope. Until 5 years later.... Forced into hiding from a mystical plague destroying the world, he ripped the DVD onto his fair maidens laptop, converted the files to MP4 and uploaded the wicked awesome video to a far superior viewing platform for all of the Kingdom to see.

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