Potty2617 15:34 08/Dec/23

Pass~Port, Vans & Build Up Skateboarding Present "Christmas Island"

Featuring Adelaide Norris, Callum Paul, Jack Kirk, Trent Evans, Jack Dowden.
Video by Jonathan Fitzgerald | Photos by Thomas Robinson

Christmas Island; an unconventional skateboard destination. This video captures a week spent exploring the remote Indian Ocean island. Navigating our way through its terraced settlements, we discovered a plethora of spots mixed between red crabs, blowholes, coral reefs, and coconuts.

Complementing its natural beauty was the Christmas Island community, whom we worked closely with to support their developing skate scene. Thanks to a bunch of committed locals, skateboarding is quickly gaining traction, with kids flocking to the skatepark, buzzing around the settlements, and reguarly featuring on the front page of the local newspaper.

We hope you enjoy the documentation of our time spent in this beautiful, distant paradise.

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