Cage Theory

Potty2617 00:32 24/Jan/24

Boorloo (Perth), Western Australia. 2021-2023. Filmed and Edited by Rowan White

All proceeds from the cage theory premiere were donated to Derbarl Yerrigan Aboriginal Health Service - see more:

Sylvain Tognelli, Rowan White, Luca Prestini, Matt Archer, Tyson May, Shaun Paul, Aidan McGarry, Jack Todd, Alec Stook, Khai Nielsen, Carlos Lemus, Brendon Cross, Phillip Marshall, Jeb Sun, Hunter Robson, Ramsay milne, Jordan Cotte, Flynn Jackman, Alec Stook, Sean Parker, Andrew Bloomfield, Steve Jeffries, Cameron Boden, Callum Roberts, Ziggy Williams, Blaize Gray, Max Couling, Issa Hassan, and Adam Davies

Additional Filming:
Jordan Cotte, Alec Stook, James James, Jack Todd, Neihana Tonkin, Tom Bentley, Flynn Jackman, Jack Dowden, Callum Roberts

Soundtrack with thanks from:
Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks:

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