Melb Monster Sale

drew 14:16 30/Jun/10

Melb Monster Sale

*Nosferatu* 14:56 30/Jun/10

Nice & close!

Word Up Cat
Word Up Cat 17:19 30/Jun/10

fuck yeah, will hopefully be hitting this up

George Forman
George Forman 18:41 30/Jun/10

definatly going to this tomorow

LADIES CHOICE 12:09 01/Jul/10

Is this the hardcore sale?

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 09:32 02/Jul/10

Look at the brands - looks more like a few different distros in there.

Zoo York, Indy and many other brands = Lush
Vans = accent
Circa = ?
Etnies / Emerica = Sole Tech

Be interesting to see what is actually there.

And no I am not going to fly down just to go to this sale.

Anyone who does go tell us what you saw there...

Chris123 14:26 02/Jul/10

Circa is a part of lush

Hanse Cronje 19:25 02/Jul/10

Mark Brimson

09:32 02/Jul

Anyone who does go tell us what you saw there...

went there today.. it's basically packed with zoo york and ezekiel shirts ($20 each or 6 for $100) and hoodies ($50 each or 2 for $80), boards for sale there are $50 but are all 7.7 and under. crappy range of shoes, basically nothing size 11. heaps of sample shoes in size 9. heaps of beanies, hats, wallets and belts. didnt see any alphanumeric stuff, very limited amount of santa cruz stuff (saw one shirt), couple of hideous velvet krux trucks, shitty setups and some cheap snowboards...
in saying that though i did pick up a few good items for cheap ;)

worth a look, nothing special

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 19:42 02/Jul/10

Thanks and thanks - Chris123 and Hanse.

When you think about it, there is not really going to be a nice big cabinet full of plain indys, or the usual board wall of all sizes (especially 8.25 to 8.5 for the wider rides).

Clearance sales are really what most shops will not buy and what the distros cannot move any other way, but for those who ride smaller boards, or are sample size - shoe / clothing / whatever, then you definitely have got it made at these things.

Chris123 00:01 03/Jul/10

all good.
i somehow got some money together and should be going tomorrow, because i'm small hopefully they have some good clothes and shoes.

Chris123 23:08 03/Jul/10

Went there today and got a hype board, circa jumper and two pairs of zoo your jeans for $200, i was pretty psyched, so if your contemplating on going tomorrow, i suggest you do!

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