Ti Hanger Release Theeve

Theeve 15:47 20/Jul/10

Theeve Trucks, in association with Transworld, is giving you the chance to win the brand new, 6/4 titanium, axleless Ti-Hanger Trucks along with a 1 year subscription to Transworld Skateboarding Magazine.

To date Theeve Titanium Hanger trucks have only been ridden, tested, and endorsed by our Theeve Truck Team. Now you can be one of the first people in the world to own and ride a set. To do so; just go to your local Theeve retailer and buy one of our Titanium KeyCard skate tools, open the sealed package and look inside the bonus leather sleeve. If you find one of the 12 golden tickets you are instant winner.

Included in the winning prize packs are:
1 x Set of Ti-Hanger Trucks (Your size)
1 x Pro-Model board
3 x Theeve T-shirts
1 x Set of Theeve Ti-Bolts, and
1 x Year subscription to Transworld Skateboarding Magazine
Plus each winner will be featured on the Theeve website.

Ti Hanger Release Theeve

[sv] 16:02 20/Jul/10

I've got a golden ticket. I've got a golden twinkle in my eye

Eustace 20:56 20/Jul/10

I thought this thread was going to be announcing the Ti Coleing pro model truck.

Ti Coleing
Ti Coleing 09:49 21/Jul/10

wow, someone knows how to spell my name correctly- without prompting even! 3 cheers!! Now, 2 questions for you Eustace.. first, why would anyone want to give me a cough"pro"cough truck? And consequently, who the f*%! are you??? Oh actually, I think I just figured that out...

LADIES CHOICE 12:00 21/Jul/10

probably..... SHIT

Word Up Cat
Word Up Cat 13:21 21/Jul/10

Will this competition be on an international scale?

Or is it restricted to US citizens only?

Plus, who'd the guy with the epic ginger chinpubes?

Theeve 20:37 21/Jul/10

This Competition is on a 100% international Scale. We secured a deal with TWS to give the subscription world wide as well. There are 12 tickets and they are randomly sent out around the world. Get out there and get one of our skate key tools from your local shop if they dont have it ask them to get them in. The shop who sells the ticket gets the Ti hanger truck for sale a week early.

40fifth 12:36 22/Jul/10

*To date Theeve Titanium Hanger trucks have only been ridden, tested, and endorsed by our Theeve Truck Team and me.

RE: Ti Hanger Release Theeve

jjjamesss 18:12 25/Jul/10

I just bought a pair of these today for $50 at a market.
They have a few scrathes on them but apart from that, they're brand new.

Fuck yeah.

ejacula 18:37 25/Jul/10

do you see wats wrong with that bottom bushing? everyone I know that has these trucks have the same problem, fix ur angles or sumthin. 17:54 28/Jul/10

just loosen the bolt off then move the bushing and its ok there after.

I actually cut the edge of my bushing to stop that happening
(put a bolth thru the bushing,place bolt in a drill hold a rasp file on edge, fire up the drill and hey presto the bushing has no more blow out issues)

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