endor 17:07 20/Feb/13

can anyone upload jediz channel 10 news feature from today? bcause after jediz tv appearance - he is the equal most famous skater in aus. special props to mitch robertom who is melb equal most famous skater. jedi believes mitch has to land his fence jump in a big jam to join jedi as one of aus equal most famous skaters. on that note - jedi would like to say he is still fence jumping at riverside when he's knee is ready.........

endor 17:11 20/Feb/13

yeah on tv too..........again.!.........smooth it out now!

endor 17:24 20/Feb/13

jedi word up. its on the 6 oclock news on channel 7 also

endor 17:39 20/Feb/13

jediz now aus equal most famous racer too

endor 17:42 20/Feb/13

well insomnia......your cnmment first please......insomnia take the stand...,.....

endor 17:45 20/Feb/13

sory typo....jedi is now aus equal most famous skate racer

endor 18:18 20/Feb/13

just type in on youtube.........skate menace

endor 18:22 20/Feb/13

yo im not messing with my plugin. yo timb or someone else can u upload.....that......shit!!!!

HAL 18:23 20/Feb/13

Sorry mate Peter Mitchell already showed me.
You can get some mad ACA coverage now.

imgne_ 18:26 20/Feb/13

Chip. 18:50 20/Feb/13

hahahaaha fuck every tiny little detail of that news piece was so good.

endor 18:53 20/Feb/13

yo thats a kickturn with an injured knee ...,my friend

nahcunt 19:11 20/Feb/13

hahahaha holy shit that didn't just happen

RGLZ 19:23 20/Feb/13

JEDI you have made my year!!!!

DUDEMAN 19:23 20/Feb/13

'semi professional skateboarder'

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