Smoke Beer does Adelaide

Last April we piled the van full good cunts, aka most of the smoke beer family and hit the road.

Josh Kotlega 

The text and photos that follow are a snippet of our physical zine from the trip.
It's available for free with most orders.
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James Plevnik

We meet at Nello's bright and early on the morning of Good Friday.
Plev and Ben sporting fresh Easter mullets, ready for a 7-day pilgrimage to the city of churches.
Kotterz our designated load securer climbed atop the van and tied all the camping gear nice and tight. Vibes were high and before we knew it we’re flying down the highway with Nello behind the wheel making good time. 2 hours in its time for our first piss stop. A car promptly pulls over behind and the driver approaches.
“Hey guys, we were trying to get your attention for a while but you were going so fast! One of your swags fell off about 50ks back, just past the servo”...

Cameron Markin

Jacob's big day - As told by Jacob
After a few big days of skating. I decided to skip the morning skatepark warm-up in lieu of a chill on the grass with and tuna, coleslaw and dijonnaise wrap washed down with some cold ones.
Once squad was warmed up and I was freshly napped we were off for a hunt in the streets.
As I crack a freshie Plev turns to me and ask “you ready to skate a rail?”
At this point, we pull up.
We’re faced with a primary school surrounded by a tall spiked fence.
I neck my beer and follow everybody over.
Within two attempts of this boardslide, cops roll-up. Nemos hops back over the fence to chat with them in hopes of stalling. They were firm on us needing leave immediately. Feeling full of beer, tuna wrap and full of seccy presh hype, I gave it one last shot...

Pipe Mission
From Adelaide en route to this full pipe, it was nothing but dead roos, live roos, emus, and fake dingos.
As the sunset, listening to the wolf creek soundtrack and Nemo’s deep terrifying chuckle, the combination of nervous and excited energy built as we traversed shortcuts through private paddocks.

Jaws hit the flaw as the van lights eventually illuminated...

Cameron Markin

Marcello Guardigli

Ben sweeping

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