40th Annual St Kilda Fest

The 40th Annual St Kilda Fest!

A free event consisting of live music, mouth watering food, good vibes and 6 foot ramp and street course set up by Vans Australia and Rampfest.
There was complimentary skate coaching from Rock N Slide and Curbside Coaching along with demo’s on the ramp by Vans Skate Team Riders Jackson Pilz, Jesse Noonan, Mitchell Howse, Ricky Glaser, Shanae Collins and Zepp Heyes. We also had international Vans BMX Pro Alex Hiam airing roller girls along with Jacman Hins & James Pease flying high all day.

Jackson smith

Shanae boneslessness 


Mashy going the only way blunts should go.


Check out the lasted Vans gear at the link right here.
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