Vans Rowan Wear Tests

With the release of the Vans Rowan Pro the good blokes at Vans held some wear test in both Australia and New Zealand and these are the results.

First up was the wear test with the Precinct crew at the Ormeau Skate Park, featuring - Adam Pirihi, Kalani Cook, Mitch Allen, Sam Arnold, Bibi Bradbury, Julian Lee, Noah Bowden, Jim Perry. Filmed by George Kousoulis & Liam Wall edit by Liam Wall, photos - Tamas Keefe.

Sam Backside ollie

Rowan Pro Kicks

Kalani BS Smith

Kalani Blunt

Next up was Parliament's turn and what better than back allie jam. In order of appearance - James Cleary, Connor Walsh, Edgar Kiisa, Indigo Pesu, Louis Riley, Joel Wilshere, Gavin Clark & Joey Cormack Video - George Kousoulis & Jacob Tester Photos - Reece Newnham





And finally over the ditch to the Birkenhead Skatepark in Auckland.  

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