Bowl Jam 2021

THE BELCO BOWL JAM RECENTLY CLOCKED 20 YEARS and the scene Down Under really went all out to celebrate. A session-packed weekend with Oz’s finest kicked off by taking over the Church Café alleyway, followed by street-spot cash grabs all over town before ending at the bowl jam—all squeezed in by the time the rain set in for good. Forget your one-minute runs, tricks for cash always ensures nonstop action. —George Kousoulis Wade 

Pics by Sam Coady, Wade McLaughlin and Thomas Robinson

Filmed Jack Diaz and Neihana Tonki


Nixon getting over Cons

Belco doco - directed, produced by Jim Fowlie - watch it at the bottom of this article

Crew enjoying Church Bar hospitality.

Marley off the top rope. 

Street events started with a Beni

Ranga doing for the locals

Spliff going buck

Hey snap my board

Stipo between fishing

Ethan bombing

Kieran kicker over the channel.

Nixon upside down

Tea bagging Belco style

Mike D Since before Day 1

Zepp with a nice Miller impersonation. 

RJ going massive before he got the head bongo

People won but who cares......

It always ends the same way

20 years of Belco Bowl Jam Documentary. 2001 - 2021 A Fathead Film





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