Top 3 with Spliffy

Top 3 servo snacks:
-Can of Coke
Top 3 things on McDonald's menu: 
-Salted Caramel Frappe 
-Large Double Beef 'n Bacon meal, Fanta with the drink no ice
Top 3 graph artists: 
Top 3 stupidest things you've done:
-I was holding a knife and a fly landed right next my hand and without thinking i went to swat it with my other hand and stabbed my hand pretty bad on the knife
-Tried to focus my board but focused my ankle instead
-Punched my windshield trying to kill a misquito and shattered it
Top 3 smartest things you've done:
-Buying a good bed
-Staying on top of me tax return
-Started skating, sickest shit ever
Top 3 strains of choof:
-Moby Dick
-Lemon Haze
-Sour Diesel
Top 3 stoner flicks:
-All the Fridays
-Half Baked
-How High
Top 3 baker riders of all time:
-Ali Boulala
-Antwuan Dixon
-Sammy Baca
Top 3 polo items you own:
-Alpine Ski 92 beanie
-Polo Sportsman sweater
-Us Polo Assn Carpenter pants
Top 3 Geelong skaters:
-Jack Evans
-Jack Crook
-Jefri Klasevski. All legends start with J
Top 3 ways to treat yourself:
-Fat spliff
-Guava or tropical Bundaberg
-Buy polo gear
Top 3 hip hop artists:
-Krs One
-Gangsta Boo and Three 6 Mafia
-Big L
Top 3 wackest rappers:
-Most modern rappers
Top 3 wu tang tracks:
-Dog Shit
-Let My N***** Live feat. Nas
-Da Mystery Of ChessBoxin
Top 3 things to do in Geelong if not skating:
-Watch the Mall Rats
-Go to the shop and get a can of coke
Top 3 things to do with a parking ticket:
Tear it up for roaches and smoke it then get stuck in the underground carpark. · 1800 034 588·