Lizzie Wear Test

A skate shoe built for skateboarders who haven’t found that perfect shoe. Long lasting because of all the DURACAP , but a broken in feel right out of the box, thank to an entirely new fit and updated sole. And something else about The Lizzie, it pushes all of us towards a better future by using 100% organic cotton. Lizzie Armanto’s first signature shoe is different because not all skateboarders are the same.
To confirm this it only made sense to get everyone together and really put The Lizzie to the test. So on April 8th Vans Australia team riders, friends & local skate stores got together at Curbside Clubhouse (@curbside_coaching) for an epic Friday night full of non-stop skating, delicious food by @the_bao_project and beer thanks to @younghenrys.
Tama Ramps (@tama_ramps) built some new ramp and rail options and to coincide with global campaign we transformed an everyday skate space into a wonderland of excitement.
The experience was Something Else Entirely.
Tony Woodward (@gooch_street) was there filming all the action, while Jason Morey (@jasonmorey) shot all the pics · 1800 034 588·