Chelsea - Backside - Moey

Top 3 80s Vert Dudes

Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Allen Losi,

Top 3 90's Street Skaters

Mike Carroll, Josh Kalis, Alphonso Rawls

Top 3 guys who legitimately make it into magazines for their skateboarding today

Grant Taylor, Raven Tershay, Rune

Top 3 ugly tricks

Nose stall reverts, Rock n Rolls not fully lapped over, backsmiths that aren't properly locked in

Top 3 board graphics of all time

86 Hosoi Hammerhead, Lance Future Primitive, Hawk Screaming Chicken

Gay Twist - Moey

Top 3 Sexy Internet Girls

Natasha Oakley, Devin Brugman, Alana Blanchard

Top 3 Melbourne Skateparks

Bulleen, Fitzroy, Prahran

Top 3 Melbourne Bars

The long low flat bar at Kensington skatepark, Kittens, Yellow Bird

Top 3 Australian skate companies (dead or alive)

Coretech Wheels, Hoon, XEN

Top 3 skateparks worldwide

Faelledparken in Copenhagen, West Hobart bowl, Derby park in Santa Cruz

Top 3 pro skateboarders with hot wives

will have to do some research and get back to you

Epping - Frontside - Moey

Top 3 Australian skateboarders of all time

Jack Fardell, Jackson Pilz, Johnny McGrath

Top 3 skate comps of all time

Ramp Riot 3, Rentons' Ramp jam, Terror at Torquay

Top 3 skateboard movies of all time

Blind- Video Days, The Search for Animal Chin, Plan B- Questionable video

Top 3 movies of all time

Revenge of the Nerds, Point Break, DieHard

Top 3 tricks you want to land before you die

No comply's, Slappys, stalled inverts

big loose hole
big loose hole 09:08 30/Sep/13

sweet shiet nikeeem

tuaki 11:32 30/Sep/13

Yeah Nick (and Moey)! Stoked to see Alphonso made the cut! How good is that photo at Epping? Card's Charger low key in the background, fucking sick!

tom vb
tom vb 10:24 01/Oct/13

Top 3 tricks you want to land before you die

No comply's, Slappys, stalled inverts ?????????????????


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