jedi'l b back for more

endor 22:25 17/Feb/13

just started skating today. just on footpaths and roads. all good sofar. still need time bfore i hit any airs. assuming the fence jump goes down in 3weeks, then jedi would like to propose a different idea for after the fence jump.............a downhill skateboard.....race.., sunset or night..,.,...jedi would race with his lightsaber and would also donate a green lightsaber as first prize and 2nd,3rd prizes aswell. just like the boonta eve races on tatooine. possible racetracks r :- up toorak rd down to stkilda rd. rd next to ivanhoe grammar , a hill in balwyn nth with a mini train track at the bottom near the freeway intersection, philiip island cowes main st hill(a bit far away) or mornington esplanade from the top of the hill . dont worry these r just a few xamples. feel free to throw ur hat in for racing or to suggest a possible racetrack hill that u know off- jot my memory, i kno a few hills. if the racing shows interest there could b 2 events. saber fence jump and downhill lightsaber race. and racers want to sign up. how about u lakyn?

Shinra.SB 23:07 17/Feb/13

Could you be more specific please Endor?

endor 23:09 17/Feb/13

if u r interested in the downhil race then send ur enquiries to my youtube user. this thredd suposed to b about fence jumps

endor 23:39 17/Feb/13

all racers start at the start line up the hill. someone pulls a party popper and the race starts. each racer is allowed to push at the start as aposed to rollin start. and whoever crosses the finish line at the end of the downhill wins. obviouslly on a normal rd u can fit about 10 or so racers on the start line grid. what else do u want specified?

endor 10:32 18/Feb/13

lakyn u dont want to fence jump, then u should race. test ur skills

Smiddy. 11:23 18/Feb/13

i like the party popper idea

Max Cooper.
Max Cooper. 13:56 05/Oct/23

Wow its such a trip reading through this again. I remember lurking and being heavily invested this thread when it unfolded.

For those who aren't aware, the news broke recently that Jedi passed away.

I was honestly surprised when I found out he was still around. My housemate came back from Newport one afternoon and said some bloke in his 40's was filming everyone skate on his phone for a video he was uploading. Didn't really think anything of it until the video came out a couple of weeks later. When we were watching it I asked what the dude's name was and he said "His username is Nick Jedi". I was like "no fucking way! not JEDI?!" and we went down a jedi rabbit hole for the rest of the arvo.

I had been following his videos since then and he would do daily (sometimes twice daily) reports with basically the same intro "got the full/half full box of chop chop, got the ciggies, got the juice, got the choccy, got the dare iced coffee... etc".

About a couple of weeks ago he stopped posting. I wasn't sure if he was going through a depressive episode but to hear the news yesterday that he passed, while it was shocking to hear, I could see it coming. He did not look or sound healthy. His breathing was laboured at times and it was hard to watch him suffer the way that he did.

We went to Newport one night a few weeks ago and he was there chatting to another local, he didn't have a board or anything but he filmed a few people do tricks. In the video report he posted the next day he sounded much more upbeat and happy as he revealed he was complemented about his weight. I think it goes to show how important kindness to others is especially if its someone you wouldn't want to give kind words to.

I think this thread and the triple J thread are testament to who Jedi was and I won't say much more than that. At the end of the day, he is a part of Melbourne skateboarding folklore and I am sure he will be missed dearly by those who loved and respected him.

Rest easy mate.

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