jedi'l b back for more

endor 16:50 27/Jan/13

if anyone has more shots of jedi,mitch or pat g then jedi encourages them to post them on this forum discussion.

Reign Supreme
Reign Supreme 20:37 27/Jan/13

The important thing is you had a hat on your belt, which was the style at the time...

endor 10:52 28/Jan/13

word control tim b . il represent your ur claim to the fullest at my next lightsaber jump........smooth it out now. and reign supreme thnx for the style mentions. il b reppin that same look next time xcept with new koby bryant lakers jersey and hat. and matching visorgoggles too 1,2,1, this yall

Insomniajosh 11:39 28/Jan/13

Moomba is too far away and too many people will be in the area for your epic rollaway to cashmoney. Do it and film it and your path to glory will be fulfilled.

Either that or land on the fence again

endor 12:06 28/Jan/13

alright - do it and film it without the crowd at a future night session. and then hit it at the big jam at moomba or the next comp. cashmonys it is. and now its lakyns call on attending round 2 . i suggest moomba for the big crowd lakyn. but the next comp is acceptable aswell. well lakyn, your call

endor 12:38 28/Jan/13

look lakyn what i really want is to air my lightsaber jump then watch u air urs then tell u straight up 'that aint shit'........rekognise.......i dare u to make me say those words or similar. i dare u

endor 12:56 28/Jan/13

thats what i really want now that u disapeared. not what i wanted bfore aus day

endor 14:55 28/Jan/13

jedi was just studying tim b's photo of jedizs photo and he is still encouraging people to post shots of jediz 2 fence attempts or any other photos u have of him

endor 17:04 28/Jan/13

ok peoples here's the most likely low down- jedi will b skating in the dc demo if he's alowed. around sunset or 8.00pm (sunset just bfore 8.30) when he's lightsaber glows. but no fence jump so he doesnt draw the focus from the dc crew. then jedi will air the fence at a future night session. the he'll hit the fence up at moomba or another big jam-depending on lakyns choice. at the dc show if jediz allowed to skate at sunset watch amongst other things for lightsaber nsbluntslide, lipslide and lipslidetosaber-twirl/catch, smithgrnd, onefooted 180five0, halfcab heel noselide saber reverse saber catch, one footed noselide to lightsaber reverse catch or to onefoot shuv or both together, melon pre grab boost of the right hand of the ski jump to flat, straite air over the ski, and bluntstall nosegrab shuvit to fakie and also jedi will go his 180grab-but not over the fence instead on the bowlhiptransfer to the flat. he will only skate in the demo if he's allowed . jedi also has another hard move- stand up on the back fence of the bowl and jump into the medium or big section with the lightsaber. jedi will not do that either at the demo but rather at a later time. does this meet with general approval? feedback would b welcome.......

Jejenhausen 17:14 28/Jan/13

Wackpoet 18:03 28/Jan/13

endor 18:18 28/Jan/13

sory wackpoet u r mistaken. but there is one line from billy madison in reference to jedi if he fails his fence jump. when billy gets the kid to phone the hot teacher but the kid stuffs it up and billy xclaims 'you blew iiiiitttt! '. and this line also refers to singstar lakyn if he refuses to attend round 2

endor 20:58 28/Jan/13

jedi just remembered a concept trick that he's only done once. he might, maybe? throw it into the mix at dc demo even without he's fence jump going down. the style is lipslide to shuvit plus lightsaber double catch twirl (vertical twirl, not horizontal). however jedi is unsure if he can land it. he figures he'l maybe? try it anyway. if he breaks he's lightsaber he can buy another one from ebay.

endor 21:25 28/Jan/13

and also at dc jedi will b reppin a green alonzo mourning old skool hornets jersey with green cap from belt. and hooked up black visor with green strap, black/grey helmet and grey/green kicks. peace to the all crowd who takes it to the flavour..............x marks the spot fellow centurions (that goes for u too lakyn).........x marks the spot

Insomniajosh 22:34 28/Jan/13

Jedi in all seriousness I hope you have good support at home and some support networks. Sure this is entertaining and yeah sure I feel a bit guilty but I have genuine concerns. If you are being looked after then sweet.

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