Brunswick Skatepark 2013

Insomniajosh 17:28 13/Aug/12

Every now and then there are great people to deal with that have an interest in skateboarders needs. Alli at Moreland has been an absolute champion. She was the driving force for Fawkner, sorted approval for the tiles at Coburg and gained approval for Fawkner stage 2. Fawkner stage 2 didn't go so well as she was on leave and the people looking after it were, to be blunt, fairly useless in my opinion.

She is back and sent me an email.....

Hi Josh, I hope this finds you well.

Great news – Council is working towards a skate park for Brunswick in 2013/14 financial year.

Before we start any designs - I am putting together an application for additional funding from SRV.

It would be great to have a letter of support from some local skaters / riders to attach to the grant application.

Could I trouble you to put together a short letter (email is fine), outlining your support and why there is a real need for a skate park in Brunswick.

Much appreciated & catch up with you soon

So if anyone would like to be involved please email/facebook me. We need to have a reasoned, clear and united proposal for when design consultation is near.

My thoughts are always to have something very different to anything already built, no duplication of existing facilities already in Melbourne. Brunswick is a prime location and the budget will be decent.

So what don't we have and what will have something for everyone? My two cents is a proper plaza, with flow (something like Stoner) and a Oregon inspired snake run (like Nimbin) surrounding it like orcas island snake run surrounds the inner park. Hey this is just my opinion.

If any locals would like to send me a letter of support for the proposed park I will fwd it to Alli. We don't need to flood them with emails.

Please use this thread to submit ideas and keep each other in the loop. Pictures are great. Please keep this constructive, if you say you don't like an idea have an alternative to offer.

I promise I will keep you in the loop. This is a great opportunity, let's fully utilise this.

PS I put this here as no one looks in the parks section!

comic book guy
comic book guy 17:42 13/Aug/12

As someone who will be moving to brunswick early next year I approve of this message.

Insomniajosh 17:59 13/Aug/12

Comic book guy Brunswick is a great area. Killer bars/food/crew.

tinbum 19:03 13/Aug/12

this makes me jizz!
ok ok ok...
too many ideas!

Max Cooper.
Max Cooper. 19:25 13/Aug/12

quarter pipe hubbas

nav... 20:16 13/Aug/12

Melbourne doesn't have a decent kidney bowl except franga, which has the unfortunate flaw of being where it is...

So that might be a good starting point for a bowl if you wanna check off some transition and allow the rest of the park to concentrate on other more interesting street and street orientated bank/transition features.

Brett.. 22:38 13/Aug/12

Something like Belco park, but better... that would be amazing

Insomniajosh 23:00 13/Aug/12

Yes some of the features of Belco are rad. Nav all input is great but there is a kidney in Coburg, next suburb to Brunswick.

To consisely collaborate ideas pictures are great. Street spots, park obstacles and sculptures ect.

Insomniajosh 23:09 13/Aug/12

Links to trawl

Have a look through. Some of the newline parks are so rad. I'm going to push for a wider tender process as opposed to just going through Convic. They have constructed some great parks but I am of the opinion they have become very complacent. Australia is falling behind.

comic book guy
comic book guy 00:05 14/Aug/12

Fish bowl replica, more parks needs legit pools.
For reference:

sporks 00:26 14/Aug/12


Jejenhausen 00:30 14/Aug/12

snakerun is the single most important thing here. that is all

diamondsea 08:29 14/Aug/12

build it in carnegie

Insomniajosh 09:05 14/Aug/12

Comic book guy that pool looks epic, however there is a pool replica in Coburg, the next suburb.

Lets work of a few assumptions. Melbourne is best served by not replicating existsing terrain. Lets also work from another assumption that skaters travel to skate, so we need to consider terrain throughout the greater Melbourne area. Transition wise we have a load of spines, loads of tacos, couple of cradles and loads of 5-7 bowls.

What transition don't we have in Melbourne?
-Full pipe
-Clover bowl (could be modernised rad)
-Keyhole (Well there is Corio....)
-Snake run

An Oregon inspired style snake run surrounding a diverse plaza would be epic. Think Nimbin snake run surrounding Stoner Plaza perhaps?

Melbourne has tranny well covered in terms of bowls. There is an unfulfilled demand for a properly rad plaza. I am not so busy tomorrow I will start posting some images. If people want to start posting plaza pics or street spot pics that would be great.

drew 09:26 14/Aug/12

make a bank with a chain at the top so you can flyout over it or tom penny into it.. or kanteen russel it if thats your thing

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