Vox Black and Blue JT Aultz

cuntm8noworries 09:32 14/Aug/12

or JT Aultz it

drew 09:35 14/Aug/12

jt is super under rated

HERMANS 10:49 14/Aug/12

i would like to suggest that we try and have it made without the ridiculously polished concrete (fawkner, taylors hill etc).

sure its nice and smooth, but i really find that it is never consistent when you are doing grinds/slides. tail slides seem to always stick even if you wax the ledge, and it seems that you could even get chalkies off a grain of sand.

the more i think about it the angrier i get.


also, i think we need some less conventional street obstacles.
we need to think about what is actually fun about skateboarding, i would suggest that mucking around doing slappys and and boardslides on parking blocks is a lot funner that kickflipping some 9 stair. obviously some people would disagree, and im not trying to say that the skatepark should be made up of parking blocks. but i think that the more unusual obstacles are often the most fun.

the stuff in this clip looks like it would be pretty fun.

i realise internet rants are not the best way to get things to happen, so let me know if you ever need more people onboard with this Josh.

drew 10:52 14/Aug/12

I remember a bunch of parks that people used to complain about the slipperyness to begin with.. eg riverside and newport and new belco. 6-12 months on they are ok. My concern is starting off without the slickness would mean parks would be super haggard 90s style crete in no time. I dunno, bring in the experts.. flaz?

Chip. 10:56 14/Aug/12

whatever it has in it, make sure it has 1 decent flat bar, one decent ledge, one decent QP and a hip/funbox.

any other out there weird obstacles are great, but get old for locals pretty quick, and they are the ones who will skate the park the most.

if you get the essentials right the park can't suck all that much.

HERMANS 11:16 14/Aug/12

fair enough chip.

i guess your right Drew, if they made parks that were already worn in. they would be haggard in 10 years.

but i still think that you can make a smooth parks that aren't sticky to grind.

Heidelburg west and Stratford skateparks seem like good examples.

imgne_ 13:09 14/Aug/12

I like hermans idea of putting in some weird stuff, its nice to see parks with something unique apart of it, it makes them easier to recognise, not to mention it makes it more fun.. Like cunce will come from all over to skate something that is retarded looking, cause they wont be able to skate it anywhere else.

Insomniajosh 14:35 14/Aug/12

Unique is great, unique keeps skateboarding fun. Let's aim for something iconic.

Think more of this......

RE: Brunswick Skatepark 2013

Insomniajosh 14:36 14/Aug/12

Less of this.......

RE: Brunswick Skatepark 2013

Insomniajosh 14:36 14/Aug/12

Ghar...I mean this!

RE: Brunswick Skatepark 2013

tinbum 15:41 14/Aug/12

a park that incorporates its surrondings much like hood river park in oregon...
its got trees sticking out of it and even a gap over the river...

RE: Brunswick Skatepark 2013

tinbum 15:41 14/Aug/12

river gap...

RE: Brunswick Skatepark 2013

tinbum 15:44 14/Aug/12

or a dinosaur? like that one gravette footplants

RE: Brunswick Skatepark 2013

tinbum 15:46 14/Aug/12

it definatelly needs the basics like chip said though.
flatbar / fly out rail.
10" ledge.
4-6 ft quarter.
then heaps of other awesome shit.

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