TROY WEST 19:45 11/Dec/06

any one heard anything????? ive been hearing ll sorts of funky shit for the past year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ook 17:20 18/Dec/06

should ask your mate. he should know of new park boosters to claim props, tricks, and better than the H things out of.

Cam Ward
Cam Ward 20:00 18/Dec/06

Apparantly it's goin' through tender at the moment'...

Cam Ward
Cam Ward 20:04 18/Dec/06

The local council newsletter released today says Autumn' completion...

ook 23:59 18/Dec/06

councils say a lot of things.
i doubt it though

Sidey 09:02 19/Dec/06

where are the final designs?

rockdale.... pfff. I have no respect for them . ad 6 months to any council like that and their date of completion.
There is probably an election coming up.

-Jarrod- 18:25 05/May/07

i went past the park of where there supposed to be building the it and theres dirt being dug up and stuff so i think they have started.

-Jarrod- 18:25 05/May/07


Cam Ward
Cam Ward 11:37 09/May/07


Will have to take a roll past this arvo & av' a squizz'


el jacko
el jacko 19:34 11/May/07

where abouts in rockdale is it being built?

Sidey 09:01 12/May/07

it's supposed to be bicentenial park????? yeah ???
not sure exactly where that is, but I'm sure it's street directory material.

can someone confirm they are actually starting.
cause people were saying no contractor was found etc, and now suddenly they are building.

doesnt sound right.
so, who designed it, who is building? please not the council ????? Cam??????

el jacko
el jacko 11:21 12/May/07

yeah i looked on its on west botany road, nearest major crossroad would be bay street.

-Jarrod- 11:17 16/May/07

yer its being built in bicentenial

Cam Ward
Cam Ward 15:05 18/May/07

Bicentennial park, just down the road from Brighton Le Sands, right near the Bunnings Warehouse...The Second driveway if coming from the North end / First driveway if coming from the South end, as you drive into the entrance they are building it on your left...

Lotsa probs' with this one fellas....
As the park was built on Landfill' (toxic crap at that) the last plans I saw, accommodated the building on top of landfill, which meant in short, that they could not dig down deep into the soil...Bumma'

The original park design was by a bmxer, & apparantly this was from a long time ago, & they were going to go with it...Until some sk8ers added some info, to make this park better for both bikes & skaters. (this was quite a hard task, from what I hear - as the council wanted to go for the original design)
The original design had no lines for sk8ers, & impeded flow, the new one is a lot better...
So the last design I saw, is a sort of smallish, banked park, with some hips, some way to wide spines, a mini half...etc...
But....the good news is....they are going to make this stage 1, this park being built for beginners, & the next park full-on, it will be built in another park up the road a bit, & will consist of pro style facilities (vert & street style).
I' s'pose we will see it, when we c-it ? heh-heh
But sounds good anywayz' !

I'm just stoked at this stage to c' the council actually investing some money in the youth (& us ol' fellas, lol),
As any1 that lives in the St.George area knows, if it ain't footy or netball, they won't back it...
Bring on Stage 2....I just hope my arthritis doesn't get any worse by the time that


Pete Oste
Pete Oste 20:12 18/May/07

So is this still the latest plan Cam?

RE: rockdale

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