mosu101 10:15 28/Nov/08

its ok, maybe a 3 star at best, but go early or go else where. bring a broom for broken glass.

Fast Lane 05:50 01/Dec/08

not any more, sundays are heaps chill no one really comes any more only a few scooter fags.. you gotta no the good lines though

potii 05:56 01/Dec/08

so if i make my way from kagarah station then down regent st and through french st ill get to bicentenial park. which end is it in?

mosu101 11:03 01/Dec/08

North from Presidents avenue. South from Bays Avenue on West Botany
perhaps check for better directions

ook 21:48 01/Dec/08

i went there yesterday and it was empty. the trannys are fun.

although the drain at the bottom of the big end stops your wheels and it pops out..

potii 05:03 02/Dec/08

thanks mosu

battles 02:54 15/Feb/09

thanks tag fags

another sweet concrete park ruined by u fukwits

its now painted with anti graph paint

southside niggerz wanna beez

cobast 08:31 15/Feb/09

I've been talking to some Rockdale Council people and they want to promote the park by having some afternoon sessions with trainers or whatever. They're also keen to have some comps. They weren't happy about the graffiti but they do realise that it's not the skaters.(generally) There is a lot of good kids that go there that just want to skate.

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