Wallan Skatepark

HAL 02:17 14/Dec/12

Wallan is getting a new park.

HAL 21:54 14/Jan/13

RE: Wallan Skatepark

drew 21:55 14/Jan/13

Switch loop gap air featuring bb

atheosx 22:14 14/Jan/13

its a waterworld extension..? right

HAL 23:24 14/Jan/13


medium. 08:08 15/Jan/13

look's sweet but what's with all the lines running down the park? it makes it look sort of like a running track. do people like the ramps with no platform up the top as opposed to ones that do have a platform? it looks like the majority of the ramps in this design have a really small area up top.

Insomniajosh 18:08 15/Jan/13

Black circles = What's going on here
Black arrows = need overlap to be ledges (Knox path syndrome)

RE: Wallan Skatepark

Insomniajosh 18:10 15/Jan/13

Speed lines to and from this are?

RE: Wallan Skatepark

.finn. 00:42 16/Jan/13

unless you have super speed like austyn gillette and dennis busenitz, your gonna need a tow in to get up to the top of that vert

Insomniajosh 11:12 16/Jan/13

Yeah moving your mouse around on plans to see the lines takes about 45 seconds. I don't see how designs get to this point without the obvious flaws being seen, What happens when you get to the circled bit? Where is the return?

RE: Wallan Skatepark

drew 11:13 16/Jan/13

I like the massive white bowl at the bottom, can someone post the rest of it

Insomniajosh 11:19 16/Jan/13

Check the seating area. The designers have even put a Mum with her head in a book to help illustrate my point. The seat is EXACTLY in a spot where boards shoot out, from both directions. Hey here is an idea. Shade. How about some shade in the seating area? Put the seating areas on the grass, or at least seperated a little.

Man people must think I am being an arsehole but this isn't difficult. People are being paid big money to churn out absolute crap. Look at Europe and America. Then we get stuck with this uninspired disfunctional crap. Same old cut and pasted street elements and 5 foot high tranny with square corners.

RE: Wallan Skatepark

Insomniajosh 11:22 16/Jan/13

Better give some positives. Circled bits look fun. Cantilevered banks and tranny do look good.

RE: Wallan Skatepark

Insomniajosh 11:33 16/Jan/13

....and people seem to want these elements as staples in every park

RE: Wallan Skatepark

Charizard 17:23 16/Jan/13

I'm with you Josh, some cover goes a long way towards making a park worthwhile.

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