jedi'l b back for more

endor 12:16 28/Jan/13

jedi has 1 more word up bfore going offline. this is not a brag or inflated ego (rmember in jedi wikileaks he said he's satisfied with being a jedi and does not require being shogun like christian hosoi). so that noones misunderstood with whats transpiring at the moment, jedi is sending the info out to all u crew. this is the current state of affairs- jedi is the most famous skateboarder on the mornington peninsula and he and his mother r the equal most famous people on the mornington peninsula(ie. another equal most famous is greg hunt- federal politician for the peninsula) however in rosebud, rye, sorrento,portsea jedi and his mother r not famous. and in frankston jedi is only famous with the skatercrew and some of the surf and snow- not the entire population like in mornington,mteliza or alot but not all the population liked dromana. jedi is also as famous as kelly slater, mick fanning etc. in torquay bells beach (but not as famous as them in gold coast, california or hawaii). but he's also famous on the surfing world tour- many people on the tour know of the skateboard jedi. and as jedi has already mentioned he is melbournes equal most famous skater and skateracers and one aus most famous skaters and skateracers- but not aus equal most famous. a few years ago christian hosoi has demanded i prove that i am a jedi at skateboarding as i claim to be. his respect is hard won, and if jedi u r found wanting- then hosoi shall humble u- like he did to the entire world of of the days of of the days of old

endor 12:30 28/Jan/13

insomnia my mother and myself step on each others toes and it sometimes bcomes disagreeable. but we usualy work each other out things smooth out. my family in general r a little awed and hesitant of my mother and i. but they generaly follow my mothers lead and i have a say in what occurrs often. and i have word out crew that maintain, and kick the scenario and backing from the mornington and morn pen, torquay bells beach and newport skatepark (williamstown newport and the surounding area)

Insomniajosh 12:39 28/Jan/13

Good to hear then

Dregs 21:52 28/Jan/13

oh man, this is too good. TOO GOOD.

third person narrative of himself, visions of grandeur, the most famous skater ever? for a little gap like that? oh man, keep going... KEEP GOING!

endor 22:57 28/Jan/13

dregz i accept that is ur point of view. however i am far more concerned if hosoi criticised me than if you do dregz. and il tell u y he wont. over ten years ago jedi was aparently sent a dream message by skaters who had died on their boards who told me that if i claim to b the best or a jedi then omly if i die or come close - that then is when theyl accept me as one of them. otherwise hosoi shall see into my mind and observe that i have nothing in my memory to ward him off and send me into nightmares unending. at this time jedi had only dropped a mans vert ramp only 7 times and never dropped a roll in. i had started skating a bit over a year bfore- and the 1st attempt no helmet pads- stack, 2nd - helmet on- made it to the opposite side. 3rd- helmet-stack. 4th- helmet- made it to the other side. a week later diff vert ramp - 1st attempt helmet no pads- stack and broken wrist and bloodied knees. 2nd and 3rd attempt with broken wrist and helmetnopads - made it to the other side. 5 months later jedi had just twisted his ankle doing a fakie 360 of the big block at mornington park- then he recieved the dream message. within days jedi went to the top of the vert ramp(at nearly midnight, with noone around, no helmetpads, no phone to call ambulance if i had a major injury and couldnt walk, no moon out so no visibility) and dropped in the roll in for the 1st time with a twisted ankle. i made it to a bit into flat then crashed. the pain was intense and when i was about to rollin i could hear hosois unspoken words echo 'do not linger too long summoning courage at the top of the ramp bfore going down it or nightmares for u'. i lived but to prove my point i would not encourage myself to repeat the situation tonite, tomorow or anytime soon. i backed this mind ward off over a year later by attempting the fence air in full rahn- hosoi almost always respects big air in the rain. and a 3rd ward is my constant searching for cliff paths to beach race which r always potentialy fatal. and i supose throw in train racing from one end

endor 23:06 28/Jan/13

end of the train to the other with no helmetpads. potentialy fatal. well dregz im not saying u claim to b the best or a jedi but if hosoi sends his nightmares after u what is contained in your mind from early in your inexperienced skating days and later on that can act as wards. ur critism is not well justified however ur entitled to ur point of view. however so is jedi and hosoi

endor 01:08 29/Jan/13

as an xample of christian. in the days of old at the highest air comps hosoi could- if he wanted to- air higher than the camera lens and out of view. and stay out of view for a while, before returning into view and landing. and when christian took his helmet and pads off and or did it at night or blindfolded- then even thou tony hawk is a skilled skater- this sent hawk scared for the rest of the 80s and 90s. only in the last decade or so did hawk stop getting the shivers, i think (not certain)

Insomniajosh 02:52 29/Jan/13

I think you need to show this thread to your therapist.

endor 03:47 29/Jan/13

no. and im not in need of a drug counselor either or a careers counselor. for my cannabis smoking or my workplace safety injury hazard assesment

Insomniajosh 05:09 29/Jan/13

No seriously you do need some professional help. You are completely delusional. If you are not recieving professional assistance it is a big worry.

At first it was entertaining but now I am concerned.

Reign Supreme
Reign Supreme 05:37 29/Jan/13

Good guy Josh

endor 06:00 29/Jan/13

tell u what i lose the bet and i promise il c a therapist. i win the bet and instead il c a fortune teller gypsy woman and ask her how much more money il make from bets. either way win or lose im serious, i promise. promise insomnia

Insomniajosh 06:40 29/Jan/13

Well I feel much better. It is a 100% certain you will be seeing a therapist

jimbobcheesefactorX 06:44 29/Jan/13

i dont even want to talk about it anymore..what were you thinking? what was going through ya mind? artistic integrity?where.. whre.. where do come up with that???ya not artistic and you have no know you really need some help and a regular psychiatrist couldnt even help you,you need to go to vienna or need to get involved in the university level,like where froyd studied having all those people looken at ya and checking up on you thats the kinda help you need.not the ones for 80 bucks a week you need a team.a team working round the clock thinking bout you, having confrences ,observing you like they did with the elephant man.thats what im talking about cause thats the only way your gonna get better!!!

endor 09:53 29/Jan/13

a team of psychs just wouldnt do it man. but on the other hand jedi will admit....if u think u can beat hosoi on any form of board against his skateboard then u r the one who needs therapy...and thats not directed at any individual but anyone in general. pls do not lie and say that u beat him. anyway enough critism flying my way. im going offline. once again it seems jedi must let hir board do the talking not the keyboard. peace

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