Blank Promo

X the illiminator 19:12 25/Aug/05

that was really good ,

sand 20:09 25/Aug/05

is spongie on blank

Fergy 20:16 25/Aug/05

that was awsome, that bit at the end when the foto is kinda burnin looks rad

The Moluck. 20:59 25/Aug/05

was the kiky bs board on box forest normal or switch?

frankstonpride- 21:05 25/Aug/05

switch motherfucker!!!

loon 21:18 25/Aug/05

where the hell was spence???????????????????????????

syd 21:48 25/Aug/05

sponge is on element clothing

AKP 00:36 26/Aug/05

call me a "chat piece" but i didnt like the promo all that much. filming trees and shit on 8 mill, then showing good tricks doesnt make a good promo in my eyes. the skating was tops but i didnt really like the feel of the whole thing.

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