JEDI - Sorrento Skatepark

shutdown 12:38 27/Jun/14

I'm backing him.. I reckon hes capable of landing at least 10 times the number of tricks he landed in that clip on a good day.

Lester 11:20 29/Jun/14


indigo meadow 03:12 05/Jul/14

The Man is back at it again (Friday 4th July) a very windy day, Jedi managed to roll away with a "noselide shuv it"

shutdown 10:20 05/Jul/14

vid is missing.. was that a deliberate joke?

alpha squadron 1 18:12 06/Jul/14

here's a photo of jedi at sorrento with my green lightsaber this time. once again lipslide

RE: JEDI - Sorrento Skatepark

indigo meadow 18:41 06/Jul/14

Here it is shutdown, enjoy.

walker94 19:22 06/Jul/14

jedi needs a pair of these

RE: JEDI - Sorrento Skatepark

alpha squadron 1 19:26 06/Jul/14

and here's a little clip of the night before at my friends house in rosebud/tootgorook just down the coast from sorrento

alpha squadron 1 19:26 06/Jul/14

yeah walker i do need a pair of them

alpha squadron 1 19:50 06/Jul/14

and to give u the run down. i arrived on thursday night.i got there about 9pm and again purchased some whiskey then proceeded to my friends house . my friend had some real bud this time , aswell as the synthetic stuff. we smoked all the bud dry by about 11.30 then hit the synthetic stuff. this time it didn't freak me out - i could handle it without claustrophobia and slight paranoia (even though it did creep on at first but then receded from my mind after about 5-10min). we watched that japanese movie then played NBA on the playstation. then he put cheech and chong up in smoke on but he started crashing out. so i stayed up for another 2 hrs smoking synthetic and watching cheech and chong. after the movie finished i went out night skating in the cold beachfront. i did a few board slides on the seat benches at the local shop and then went for a skate down the beachfront esplanade. at about 3pm i ended up crashing out on someones couch on the front verandah of their empty holiday house.

i went back to my friends house in the morning when i woke up but first i purchased more cigarettes and chocolate milk from a store. i got back to my friends house at about 11am and woke him up. straight away we had smoked a little more synthetic chronic and then we both went to rosebud to buy more synthetic from the adult book/magazine store. my friend also went to another store and bought some dvds - chucky box set, jason x and lost boys (all old horror films), and he also bought a playstation game - turok dinosaur hunter . my friend - jase is his name - then started hitting on this chick at the bus stop and he nearly got lucky but at the last second she changed her mind and declined to go back to his house with us. so we went back there and checked out his new game turok and smoked some more synthetic then i left to go film at sorrento skatepark with nath. jase had to get ready for work anyway (he works as a bartender at a local hotel).

when i got to sorrento i went straight to trigger bros store and asked the girl at the counter for some stickers to give to the young guys at the skatepark and she gave them to me and then i went to the park . the wind was real bad at the skatepark in sorrento and it was to an extent disrupting my skating ability. I'm going back there in a week and i know i said this last time but god damn hopefully i land more tricks third time around and hopefully its not way windy next time

alpha squadron 1 13:38 07/Jul/14

also - stay tuned in the next few days for a sorrento clip 2 - night before "full edit"

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