Nerang Skatepark Plans

Stacy.K 19:07 19/Feb/09

Gold coast city council have a team of skaters?

Vande 19:12 19/Feb/09

yehh haha. clearly says demos so some sort of skate team must be in the mix.

S L E E P 19:49 19/Feb/09

Youth allowance and newstart teams

Stacy.K 01:03 21/Feb/09

went there today to see what was goin on, it was the middle of the day so hot as, but park is sick, locals were killin it... i'll be down there next weekend for sure

rigbyluke 17:30 23/Feb/09

its awsome how it has the best lights at a skate park in brisbane / gold coast , yet the turned them off until the shitty open day !!

yay for the council on that one!

Stookie 17:46 24/Feb/09

the plans are on the skatebiz website

looks sick

S L E E P 19:04 24/Feb/09

Ummmmm are the lights on now and how long do they stay on till?

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