new horsham skatepark

NIKEEEM 11:41 13/May/09

Does Bordertown still have that rad steel mini ramp with extentions and about 35 ft of little ramp

Potty2617 11:55 13/May/09

Yes I belive so

RE: new horsham skatepark

Former Member Milton 12:19 13/May/09

The old Horsham bowl is still there for now but will eventually be filled in. It pretty much has to be the WERST bowl ever made so I wouldn't even bother with it.

The steel skatepark (nexus) has moved out to Natimuk, about 15 kms out the Natimuk Highway which would be on your way to Mt Gambier anyway. The wallride is now on its own so you can't ride the massive concrete wall but makes for some interesting stalls on top of it.

On your way to Mt Gambier there is also Edenhope. It is small and not overly exciting but fun none the less.

Former Member Milton 12:22 13/May/09

Forgot to mention that when the dirt bike jumps are finished the official opening of the park will be happening with a huge comp, giveaways, hookers, bad skating and all that shit.

Will post up more closer to the date.

Fourstar Pirate 17:55 13/May/09

is it skateable now and also when is the finished date ment to be and whats the address?

Former Member Milton 20:32 13/May/09

RE: new horsham skatepark

Former Member Milton 20:33 13/May/09

RE: new horsham skatepark

Former Member Milton 20:35 13/May/09

RE: new horsham skatepark

LEIGH! 18:21 24/May/09

how long till the other section is started?

Former Member Milton 12:17 25/May/09

I wouldn't think anytime in the near future. A fair amount of funds have to be raised to finish off stage 1 let alone stage 2.

Hopefully within the next few years if grants become available.

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