grundy video

Pig. 12:55 23/Aug/05

nothign youre not accustomed too...surely

skram 12:57 23/Aug/05

fuckin penguin stole my footage.

wah wah wah

Pig. 13:12 23/Aug/05


Andrew.D 14:24 23/Aug/05

hahaha that was the gayest song

Pig. 14:58 23/Aug/05

Yeh, he makes a good point shutdown
You should have used a Brittney song
Because Brittneys Spears' music is the epitome of Heterosexuality

(dicko) 12:29 24/Aug/05

noice shutdown just dwnloaded it i enjoyed it and reflecting back watching that fs flip of duncombes hella yer but just on a higher note that duncombe footage is rather old noice work but

JERUONE. 12:43 24/Aug/05

i saw a chick that looked like grundy on the bus. it made me laugh.

Fergy 10:21 25/Aug/05

yeh thats sik, his kicky and jake duncombs fs flip r fukin massive

shutdown 04:30 26/Aug/05

in response to penguins comment...

what exactly do you classify as a bootleg? As far as Im concerned, the only thing we have 'bootlegged' of yours is lydiards 'trick' on beach ledge, and the only reason I pressed record was to give you the footage in the form of a peace offering to use as a second angle. You didnt want it, thats cool, i agree with you that it was kinda shit anyhow, so no, we aint going to use that in our montage.

But anything else is not a bootleg, if another filmer gives us footage, its not bootleg, if we film the same trick on the same spot as someone else on a different day, thats not a bootleg, and if we use someone's secret spot that wasnt kept secret, then thats not a bootleg. Do you disagree with this?

u call us a corporation, what a joke, corporations make money, we dont. Shubba is just for fun and runs at an expense. Its all about good times and skating, nothin else.

Man you got some issues mate. You seem to think we are constantly trying to fuck you over, it aint true, even tho you are generally a rude and aggresive anytime we run into you. You really really need to chill the fuck out and stop taking shit so seriously. Where the fuck do you come from anyhow? You definately dont act like your from newcastle, your more like a capital city type. Newy heads are chilled out, easy going and friendly, your like the complete opposite of that. Your uptight, agro, posessive, hateful and bitchy. Eventually people around you will get jack of that shit if you dont change your ways, its only a matter of time.

shutdown 04:34 26/Aug/05

and to be fair pig, brittany song was a great choice for that promo, and by sounds of things, the song choice on the grundy vid is shit judging by popular opinion so no need to defend it.

drew 05:19 26/Aug/05

Thanks for the drama guys. It is what inspired me to download the vid.

chippy the muff 12:53 26/Aug/05

haha shutdown lives up to his name every month or so

Ultimate Russ 14:48 26/Aug/05

you mean when its his ragtime and he gets all PMSie chippy?

julius-melbourne 08:15 27/Aug/05

just wondering, why was it ziped?

Pig. 13:52 27/Aug/05

To encourage people to download the video off the site onto their computer instead of just streaming it.

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