Love Letters to LGBTQ+

Tim. 05:55 14/Jun/20

This is on you CREEPS!

Tim. 05:56 14/Jun/20

Fuck vans too!


Tim. 06:06 14/Jun/20

The Law:

On gender stereotypes:

Men and women both have a right to live however they want!
And it's wrong to abuse anybody because of their sex!
But there are natural reasons why we associate masculinity with males and femininity with females!
And so there are natural reasons why men and women often like different things and choose different jobs!
And so the goal of equal representation is unnatural and unfair and unproductive!
And we should celebrate our differences!

On homosexuality:

Homosexuals have a right to their homosexual lifestyle!
And it's wrong to abuse anybody because they're homosexual!
But heterosexuality is still the norm!
And heterosexuals find it easier to live a happy life!
And there is no reason to believe that homosexuals really are born that way!
So we should investigate the causes of homosexual desires!
And we should listen to what the ex-homosexuals have to say!
And we must be careful what we teach the kids about homosexuality!

On "gender identity":

Cross dressers and transsexuals have a right to dress how they choose and modify their bodies if they choose!
And it's wrong to abuse anybody because of their fashion choices or body modifications!
But it's unnatural and dishonest to try and look like you’re a member of the other sex!
And it's not possible to change sex!
And claiming to be the other sex is a lie!
And pretending to be the other sex doesn't give anybody a right to force us to play along with their fantasy!
Nor does it give them a right to use the spaces created for the other sex!
And telling kids the lie that we get to choose our sex is child abuse!
And "gender identity" doesn't really mean anything at all!

On Race:

Everybody has the same rights regardless of irrelevant factors such as race!
And it's wrong to abuse anybody because of their race!
But that doesn’t mean that black people are infallible or morally perfect!
They are not!
Just like white people they also make mistakes and can be selfish!
And there is nothing racist about calling them out!
And labeling things “racist” when they are not only takes away from the things which actually are racist!
And responding to racism (or “racism”) with violence will only increase racial tensions!

On immigration:

Our legal immigrants have every right to be in our country!
And it's wrong to abuse anybody because of their ethnicity!
And immigration done properly is a beautiful thing!
But not all cultures are equal!
Some of those foreign culture are really lame!
And unchecked immigration can ruin countries so we gotta do it right!
So immigrants we let into our country need to be happy about integrating with our culture of Liberty!
And we must hold them to the same standards which we expect from everybody else!

Tim. 06:14 14/Jun/20

RE: Love Letters to LGBTQ+

Tim. 06:14 14/Jun/20

Tim. 06:25 14/Jun/20

Tim. 06:26 14/Jun/20

RE: Love Letters to LGBTQ+

Tim. 06:39 14/Jun/20

If we don't stop this crap immediately then skateboarding in our country is dead!

Replaced with a bunch of pathetic little corporate puppets who'll say and do anything (including sucking off pedophiles) for a bit of attention from some silly sjw bitch, who care for nothing at all!

Tim. 06:56 14/Jun/20

Seriously guys, if you're gonna be creepy pick up artists, you could atleast be honest with each other!

Tim. 07:08 14/Jun/20

Fucken Jocks!

Tim. 07:09 14/Jun/20

RE: Love Letters to LGBTQ+

Tim. 07:16 14/Jun/20


(Are they anything more than slimey dicks!? Anything at all!?)

Tim. 07:20 14/Jun/20

You'll never get a real lady like that guys!

You'll be stuck with those rats!

Tim. 13:11 14/Jun/20

I'm sorry for being an asshole guys, this stuff sometimes makes me snap, I just want it to go away.


Tim. 03:52 15/Jun/20

Death to the pedophile movement.

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