Acacia Ridge Skate Park


Acacia Ridge Skate Park

The street orientated skate park at James Freney Park went in around the start of the new boom of skateboarding in the mid ninties, but was relatively unknown as a skate park for quite a while. It has a very plain layout, and a little too much bitumen in between ramps. At one end, there is a big mellow lumpy concrete quarter that has replaced the metal quarter that was originally the main feature. The quarter faces onto a low bank fun box arrangement, with a slappy grind rail going down one side. Running round most of the place is a shaped quarter that starts at about 1ft and ends in nothing but gets up to about 4ft in the main section, with hips, bends and whip arounds built into it. In the middle of the park, there is a low grind block 1ft, just right for anyone to skate.

From time to time, there are brought in obstacles, which make for a little more fun. The place is sometimes not so good with a lot of dirt and broken glass and in some areas repairs are constantly being done as the bitumen has sunk, making a bit of a bump between ramps and flat. There is little in the way of shade and the seats, bins and drink fountain are often vandalised so bring all you need.

6 Achievement Cres, Acacia Ridge QLD 4110, Australia


Builder - Concrete Skateparks [+]

Designer - Concrete Skateparks [+]

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