Shailer Park QLD new park

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 19:57 18/May/13

After a while of nothing from 2012 and now I hear of this finally going in and almost completed, but had not been past it at all to see.

Here is a pic from someone's social media or whatever which should either make you very happy or make your eyes water at the thought of so much squeezed in to such a small space.

I was going to add to the thread about it to start with, but as it was a while ago and about Underwood, I will just link it to here:

Shailer Park QLD new park

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 20:02 18/May/13

I read a Logan article about it which said something like "Combined space for skate and bmx / youth and exercise equipment all in a plaza environment" or something, which made me think of another fucked up version of a real skatepark like Capalaba, which could have been so much better if it wasn't for the "added multi purpose space" banner and having angry exercisers walking through a skatepark to get to their next chin up bar or stretch block.

Sad to think this is almost close in proximity to being my local and I really don't want to go there at all.

Maybe I am just an old grump.

You make up your own mind and let me know.

BNE 08:54 20/May/13

Massive pile or rocks (ammo) in the middle of the park... fucking retarded.

Seriously who designs these parks and who are they consulting with???

drew 09:17 20/May/13

What do you mean Ben? those rocks are perfect. Large enough to kill someone yet small enough to throw with relative accuracy.

comic book guy
comic book guy 09:19 20/May/13

More to the point who is building it? According to the security guard he is supposed to be there giving people the boot for 2 more weeks. All they have to do is move a pile of dirt from kind of near the park and lay some turf....

It's amazing that every other facility there is done and ready yet the skatepark is sitting there ready and unused. I wonder who is lining their pockets dragging the job out?

imgne_ 09:40 20/May/13

Looks like some of that polished turd concrete again...

Vagabond 10:04 20/May/13

Interesting. Another "skatespot" that looks like it would have trouble handling more than a few people at a time

BNE 10:42 20/May/13

There are a few more pics on the builers/culprits website -

Also check out some of the other parks they've done...Sore really shitty designs... Especially Brookland Greens Estate Cranbourne Skate Park which is a candidate for Thrasher's 'Certified Piece of Suck' page.

While I'm on the rant... What the fuck is with no platforms on quarter pipes these days??? Are we supposed to balance tight rope style with our boards hanging over the edge while waiting to drop in??? Just stupid!

Shep 11:18 20/May/13

Looks fun. Not enough "verd"
(little kid at Beenleigh yesterday asked if I could drop in the "verd")

comic book guy
comic book guy 11:54 20/May/13

The crete was actually pretty grippy in the 45 second roll we got and while it's certainly not a big park it's bigger than it looks. It's just astonishing that it is closed for such an absurd reason.

rigbyluke 12:07 20/May/13

It's actually a pretty fun park , I dunno what eveyone is complaining about ,
The hubbas , rails are a million times better than paddos or coops , out manny pad euro type thing is kinda small but still fun , for about the same size as the acacia ridge park , it is a pretty good effort , the concrete looks like it will last more then the coops stuff which is never fixed . Fun little local .

Ben I'm sure your going off the pics , I'm sure once you have skated it you may like it a little more , but yeah with all parks in brisbane there is plenty they could always do better .

BNE 14:17 20/May/13

Hey Luke, yeah just going off pics and venting all my built up frustrations! haha... Just seems like as per usual it's a decent park that could have been so much better with a little consultation with skaters. Will get down there for a roll ASAP

macca19 11:17 21/May/13

What thats sick

MR PLOW 19:36 21/May/13

Skated it for 5 minutes before getting the boot
Made this.

Shep 20:50 21/May/13

Nice clip!

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