Free Bowl A Rama Tickets

Potty2617 20:26 04/Feb/14

We have 150 free tickets for Bowl A Rama 2014. We will give them away in pairs so you can take a mate or some poor chick you have been creeping on. All you have to do is post a prediction, winner, highest placed Ozi, dude with no pads who gets ripped off, DMA, first arrest, what the female Brazilian backpackers will be wearing, cutest judge or whatever you want.
If you win, a code will be sent to the email address that your account is linked to. Please post a pic with your prediction, just for my entertainment.

Free Bowl A Rama Tickets

Potty2617 21:18 04/Feb/14

Ok ill get things started, Junior to be only man wearing leather shorts.

RE: Free Bowl A Rama Tickets

Cornholio 21:27 04/Feb/14

Jedi will spontaneously combust if he ever lands the riverside fence gap

Nieve 21:28 04/Feb/14

Rodney will emerge from hiding to take out the masters comp

RE: Free Bowl A Rama Tickets

Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas 21:28 04/Feb/14

Cons will not be invited back 2015

Cornholio 21:29 04/Feb/14

Fuck, should of read the post before i posted. oh well, my comment still stands.

krim 21:31 04/Feb/14

*copy paste last years results*

tuaki 21:43 04/Feb/14

Haha Potty! Highest placed Aussie will be a 10 year old kid!

oreo101 21:44 04/Feb/14

winnner Pedro Barros, jack fardell with no pads and curren caples gets ripped off, bucky lasek with the highest placed ozi ! yew

Paco Supreme 21:45 04/Feb/14

Pedro's gonna lose his shit again in the final run

Potty2617 21:46 04/Feb/14

I predict that I will watch it on ESPN at the bar across the road with the majority of the Australian skate community

simo gee
simo gee 21:58 04/Feb/14

i predict Pedro and RTMF crew are going to kill it prove me wrong bitches :D there is my prediction now for my tickets please

cuntm8noworries 22:11 04/Feb/14

Geoff Rowley will be sighted off the point in a dinghy pumping Motörhead from a transistor radio whilst getting amongst the new Australian phenomenon of culling sharks. Meanwhile on shore, ed templeton accidentally scopes geoff's activities through his binoculars and cries hysterically

BNE 22:29 04/Feb/14

Fardell will murder it but won't place in top 3 due to not wearing a helmet or doing back and forth vert runs.

Shaka brah
Shaka brah 22:50 04/Feb/14

phr33 tix plzz

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