Nerang Skatepark Plans

chilk 19:39 29/Mar/07

Does anyone out there have any idea of what happening with the Nerang park on the goldy, apparently its gonna be finished early next year. the council are sending me some plans for the park, so i will post them up when i get them.

any info is appreciated.


CHH63 21:30 29/Mar/07

A complete rebuild and new design in the works - dozing the current park and constructing a new one in 2008 - apparently

Albert. 09:37 30/Mar/07

i seen the plans where they extend out the park to the bridge, lots of little trannys everywhere, plans have been at sbo for ages

TonksBRAH 22:01 30/Mar/07

Hopefully should make the area abit more safer.

MPC 02:22 31/Mar/07

I think I saw the plans for this park at pizzey (globe assualt) it looks sick.

Leigh Boom 10:13 31/Mar/07

yeah and from what i've heard the tender for the concrete has already been dished out to the lads from Convic which means this little beauty should be off the hook i've also heard that there is to be almost a million dollars spent on the joint...
Will keep ya's posted as i think building is meant to start real soon...

CHH63 19:14 31/Mar/07

Thats good news Leigh Boom - I have mentioned to the GCCC that they should build a separate dirt jump 'zone' for the 20" and 20" bike crews at Nerang. They took that on board quite seriously - if they do it should help reduce a bit of 'user conflict' at 4211.

Fergilicious 19:54 31/Mar/07

Nerang is death!

carnival of excess
carnival of excess 23:11 31/Mar/07

aw no way i like nerang how it is or was, with the curved coping you could grind up dang

Leigh Boom 11:21 03/Apr/07

The original park will be left the way it is...

CHH63 19:07 03/Apr/07

Is the new plan for Nerang?

RE: Nerang Skatepark Plans

Matty-D 17:42 04/Apr/07

holly shit why are there so many bowls?? that looks pretty bad i think. there ar enough bowls around gc like runnayway bay and pizzy. they should atleast ditch 2 of those bowls and put some smaller hips and euro gaps. is this plan the final one?

CHH63 21:44 04/Apr/07

Nah - just wishful thinking :-(

Leigh Boom 22:34 04/Apr/07

I'm with you CHH63 more bowls more bowls more bowls...
If ya wanna skate street go find a street skating spot...

Shep 23:32 04/Apr/07

Whats up with the wallride thing in the middle??

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