Nerang Skatepark Plans

wynnsome 01:35 05/Apr/07

wtf. Maybe you're meant to drop it in??

CHH63 07:05 05/Apr/07

Click on the link for the skatepark -

Sorry to go off topic, Now what's up for Nerang?

StefanSkates 16:59 05/Apr/07

that picture looks like something that would be in tony hawks games

Lazarus219 09:42 06/Apr/07

haha yeh, that random wall'd be able to do an indy 900 hip transfer, revert manual get special and do some totally rad trix...

Seriously though, those plans do look like they'd be a fun park. Nothnig wrong with a bowl or 10

TonksBRAH! 15:32 08/Apr/07

There's no point putting a perfect park in a scum area, It'll just attract more Figth's and drugs to the park. Not hating, I'm just concerned about the safety of skaters and others that will go there. My auntie lives just up the road and one time I was skating there and I fell over , I put my hand out and landed on grass As i Got up i noticed that there was a seringe in the grass. Who know's who or what could of use that. I'm just lucky that i didn't get pricked.
Anyway's happy easter.

SYLVA. 19:20 08/Apr/07

that looks amazing, im callin bam drop in on the crazy thing

Mongo Mitch 20:53 08/Apr/07

they can only afford to put perfect parks in scummy areas because that is where the land is cheap and where the kids have nothing to do (thats why they are druggies and proud urbanwearers) i think its a good thing they are putting this park in a scum area... but i do agree it would be better in a nice area... fucking insane park tho

TonksBRAH! 15:37 09/Apr/07

Agreed, Altough I do think if they put it in a scum fuck area, It would go to waste.

rome 19:53 09/Apr/07

nerang isnt that bad.
i went to nerang high and look how nice i turned out?
if there is a good park there then there will always be a decent amount of skaters there, which will stick together and put off any scetchy ****s from bothering the skaters.
its just a matter making sure you have some friends with you, or dont skate the park at night when all the wankers come out at night.
we used to wanter the streets of nerang on a nightly basis , its not really that rough.
anway, ive seen the plans too and it looks very good.

TonksBRAH! 16:17 10/Apr/07

But lets not forget, you're a decent young man that has a nice family background.
Sorry I'm just being a fuck, but I've had my fair share of hassle's at Nerang.

snowcone 17:49 10/Apr/07

those are no were near the plans the new park is gonna be shit i have the plans its just re surfacing the old park and andding in a cuople of halfpipes and a small set with a rail and it isnt going to the bridge like they siad a garden is its like a botanical garden thing it will have tennis and basketball courts and heaps of garden so it will not be that good

rome 19:38 10/Apr/07

snowcone is right about those plans being nowhere near what the park will look like.
though your wrong about the actual plans.
yes they will be fixing up the existing park , but the new features are going to be a garden /plaza area.
there is alot of money going into this nerang park and its going tobe good

snowcone 20:16 10/Apr/07

i have the plans they sent it to me it is not a plaza

Albert. 20:28 10/Apr/07

a basketball court ??? !!!!


and I heard maybe a remote controlled car track !!


snowcone 07:26 11/Apr/07

they are just cramming in all sports into the one are with a gareden to make it less ghetto lookin

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