grundy video

shutdown 12:17 22/Aug/05

chec it out,

skram 12:29 22/Aug/05

nice clip - quality

DUBS 12:39 22/Aug/05

that last nosegrind's butter.....

gay fag 12:49 22/Aug/05

he has the phatest frontside flips

thes1 12:53 22/Aug/05

very nice

TE 13:08 22/Aug/05

Russ you champ

Macca. 13:46 22/Aug/05

where the visor at.When will damons part be up that shall be a great watch..

shutdown 14:04 22/Aug/05

yeh macca, damons part should be good, but its not for a little while yet. Dont wanna bring it out before its got all the parts it needs.

but there is a montage coming up so randoms can have a showing also. if you are around, drop a mad trick and we'll use it.

Macca. 14:38 22/Aug/05

sounds good shut down

Macca. 14:48 22/Aug/05

will i actually be getting the free lube seeing as i did make it up.?and i ight even a group or anything .

shutdown 14:49 22/Aug/05

free lube is only for non-members. Its an incentive to join.

once your in ASS, you got it made so dont need to buy those votes.

Macca. 14:53 22/Aug/05

nobody is in ass i wrote it on my board it isnt some club .

I'am a jock 14:59 22/Aug/05

where's tha kickflip melon.......

shutdown 15:37 22/Aug/05

grundy can kicky melon? wtf?

yeh macca, I know it aint real, but it IS funny. Its good to be hated, even if its only a joke, better if its real but.

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