grundy video

Skate Minority 05:39 22/Aug/05

nice work shutdown. grundy is a bestman!

Macca. 05:48 22/Aug/05

real? your creating the hate.

Macca. 05:51 22/Aug/05

no it aint a joke i dont like shubba it just isnt wat your mking it a "fan club" nearly.............oh well over it

shutdown 05:57 22/Aug/05

ahahahaha.. your just terdy cos you dont get your free lube.

crazy eyes 06:54 22/Aug/05

that was a great vid, only problem was .wmv but at least i can watch it fullscreen which is always good

jew dawg 07:34 22/Aug/05

that was a nice clip

Pig. 07:35 22/Aug/05


15:51 22/Aug
no it aint a joke i dont like shubba it just isnt wat your mking it a "fan club" nearly.............oh well over it


You know Im a fan B

That line with the fakie flip at the end had amazing colours
I wonder what camera it was filmed on?

rob. 07:39 22/Aug/05

that clip was pretty dam good... dont really go much on grundys style tho.

shutdown 07:49 22/Aug/05

haha, its a free world PIG, it just motivates us to do better at the end of the day. If everyone liked you, thered be no motivation to improve yourself.

But real hate is the werst and is best left to the sith lords in this world. Real hate comes from fear, and fear is shit.

chippy the muff 08:10 22/Aug/05

chat music: check

Old footage: check

Ledgewax vibe: check

There's your hate shutdown so you can improve yourself hehehe LoLZ mwah xoxoxo

Alf mud 08:29 22/Aug/05

damn i want lube

Pig. 08:34 22/Aug/05

All wrestling homo's need lube

chekc his profile then it doesnt look like such a random post

shutdown 08:43 22/Aug/05


nice chippy, you forgot a few things but.

No pirate hats: check
No 70's baker songs: check
No super-skin-tight pants: check
No transworld film burns: check
No harry buttler art shots behind bushes: check
No finger-flip-wallride to pole jam: check

and last but not least

No getrad steeze cloning: check

disclaimer: the author of this post might use all these techniques in the near future.

chippy the muff 08:48 22/Aug/05


Jono.P 08:48 22/Aug/05

good call..

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