Holt Curbs


Holt Curbs

The Holt Curb... Home of the infamous Curb Crusher skateboarding events, a utopia for fat, out of shape Dads to get away from their wives and slap a curb like a disobedient child crying out for McDonalds. This spot consists of hundreds of meters of curbs!... but only about 25 meters are actually waxed, so feel free to bring a candle or some Salba Jizz and grease it up. A little DIY smudge bank has been added for novice slappers and the ground is pretty smooth if you feel inclined to pop your nose or tail (which is rare). There is also another ledge that has barely been touched (unlike Monkeys Mum), as of September 2017 the only documented makes on this ledge have been board slides performed by Slam Magazines 2014 Sexiest Skateboarder Floyd Scott, and Melton, Victoria turned Canberra up and coming amateur skateboarder CONZ. Rails are highly recommended but not a necessity. The Holt Curb is located at Kingsford Smith 'Super School' in Holt so weekends and school holidays only apply, please don't be a dick and take your rubbish with you. If this spot gets ruined we'll have to go back to hanging with our families. #CurbCrushers

Kingsford Smith School, 100 Starke St, Holt ACT 2615, Australia


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