The Gap Skatepark (Demolished)


The Gap Skatepark (Demolished)

This place although fairly small, does have a fair range - concrete half pipe, old bowl, bank, small rail block combo.

The large half pipe 4 ft high 20 ft wide, some kinks and slightly whippy transitions but fun once you get used to it.
The old bowl is the standard Brisbane 80s 4 sided with a small drainage in one corner, all about 1 - 2ft high, some grindable lip some roll over around the top but generally good to learn things on and have a fun session.
The add ons to the old bowl include a bank that runs up the side of the slope that the park is built into and makes for a good if not small area to do all your flip and tech tricks if you are inclined.
Other features added include a small wooden sleeper garden bed type thing which is quite fun to grind on like any normal block and there has been a grind rail there from time to time.

There is shade and a tap right beside the park, transport, shops and everything else nearby and if it starts to rain, there is even a small undercover car park with waxed gutters which can be skated when there are no cars.

27-35 Yarrabee Rd, The Gap QLD 4061, Australia


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